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Contents and/or Equipment – All Risks Insurance
– Frequently Asked Questions

Contents and/or Equipment or All Risks?

Contents Cover can provide a very cost effective way of insuring contents and equipment, especially for those Groups who occupy brick or concrete premises.

All Risks Cover provides wider cover than the Contents Cover. However, premiums are generally higher under this section than the Contents cover.

Here are some of the most commonly asked questions with the answers.

Q Does the Contents and/or Equipment section cover our camping equipment in transit and at camp?
A Yes, under the Contents and/or Equipment section, your equipment is covered against all risks in transit and the specified perils whilst at camp.

Q Is there a limit on the number of addresses which can be listed under the Contents and/or Equipment section?
A No, you can list any number of addresses, but you must state approximate amounts in each.

Q Can private homes be specified under the Contents and/or Equipment section?
A Yes, but you must make it clear whether the equipment is in the house or an adjacent building.

Q We currently insure under the Contents and/or Equipment section. We have a marquee which we intend to offer on hire to other organisations. How should it be covered?
A The marquee should be insured under the All Risks section. The additional cost could be offset in the hire charge and this is safer than relying on the hirer to effect his own cover.

Q We note the Contents and/or Equipment section covers equipment in the UK. We intend to go abroad next year. Does this mean we should insure under the All Risks section now, to cover the equipment in Europe?
A No, you can continue to insure under the Contents and/or Equipment section. A short period extension to the All Risks section can be arranged to cover camps abroad.

Q We insure under the Contents and/or Equipment section. Can we lend our equipment to a neighbouring Scout Group?
A No. The Contents and/or Equipment section only covers equipment used by the insured Group. If you lend equipment, you must either insure under the All Risks section or ask the borrower to buy short period insurance.

If you are still unsure as to whether you have adequate cover, please contact us directly on 0345 040 7703.

Explorer and Scout Network Insurance Considerations

Explorer Scouts

Explorer Scouts As Explorer Scouts are a District responsibility, they are independent from the Groups from whom they may borrow or hire equipment. Insurance for the equipment can be provided by Unity under our Scout Property and Equipment Policy.

The way that this is done varies depending on the way the Explorer Scout Unit is set up.

  1. If the Explorer Scout Unit has a partnership agreement with a host Scout Group and the Group insures their equipment under a Scout Property and Equipment Policy with Unity, all equipment is automatically insured for use by the Explorers at no extra cost.
  2. If no partnership agreement exists and a Group loan or hire equipment to an Explorer Scout Unit whilst insured through Unity’s Scout Property and Equipment Policy the loaned equipment must be insured under the All Risks section which may incur additional cost.
  3. Alternatively the Explorer Scout Unit can insure the equipment whilst it is in their control. This can be done either with a number of short period policies or on an annual basis which often saves both time and money.
  4. In some Districts, there may be several non-partnered Explorer Scout Units, all of whom will be borrowing equipment. In such cases, it may be sensible for the District to arrange a policy covering equipment borrowed by any of its Explorer Scout Units.

Talk to Unity (0345 040 7703) on which method suits you best.

The Scout Network

Scout Network Units may need insurance of their own for equipment borrowed from a Scout Group or District. This will depend on the insurance cover that the Scout Group or District has in place for their equipment.

Any Scout Network Unit that borrows equipment from a Scout Group would not need to arrange their own insurance, if the items are insured through Unity’s Scout Property and Equipment Policy with cover scheduled under the All Risk section.

Otherwise the Scout Network Unit should consider taking out its own insurance. Cover can be provided on a short period or annual basis as shown in Point 3 above.




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