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Your Scout Group does not need to take out extra insurance for public liability insurance.

You're already covered.

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Public Liability Cover
including property owners' and products liability

Public Liability insurance covers the cost of compensation to third parties for injury, loss or damage to body or property caused by the negligence of your staff, volunteers or members.

This may also be referred to as Legal Liability Insurance. 

You’re covered under The Scouts Public Liability Cover.

What is covered

The Scouts arranges a substantial and comprehensive Public Liability Policy which will, at the request of the Association, provide indemnity for Commissioners, Leaders and other persons authorised to be in charge of, or to assist with, a Scout activity against claims made by members under their control, or their parents/guardians, or by third parties, alleging legal liability arising out of accidents occurring during any authorised Scout activity.

It extends to all those authorised to be in charge of Beaver Scouts, Cub Scouts, Scouts, Explorer Scouts or members of Scout Network, while they are engaged in a properly organised and authorised activity abroad, as well as British Scout Leaders who assume temporary responsibility for parties of foreign Scouts visiting the British Isles to participate in Scout activities organised by a British Scout Group, District or County.

Property Owners' Liability

The Scouts Public Liability policy also covers the property owner’s liability which rests upon any Scout authority which owns, or is responsible for the upkeep of land or buildings (except for liability accepted under any agreement - see note on indemnity agreements). This cover would apply if the incident occurred at a Scout run event, or while another organisation was using your Scout premises.

For example if a member of the public trips over at your Scout premises and breaks an arm alleging your Scout Group was negligent you would be covered under the TSA’s Public Liability insurance to defend and meet the claim.

Product Liability

The Scouts Public Liability policy also covers the Products Liability which covers your liability for products you make available to the public.

For example, if you are holding a BBQ and serving food or drinks to members of the public you could be held liable if the sausages or chicken are not quite cooked through resulting in illness. Do not worry though, this is covered by the Products Liability section of the Public Liability Policy.

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What is not covered

The Scouts Public Liability Policy does not cover legal liability in respect of motor vehicles licenced for road use or for which compulsory insurance is required under the Road Traffic Act, or arising out of the ownership and/or driving/piloting of aircraft and/or gliders. Nor does it fully cover liability for injuries to third parties and/or damage to third party property arising out of ownership or operation of boats.

Unity can arrange motor insurance and marine insurance to cover theses liabilities.

We can provide advice on the cover that you would require and steps you need to take for flying, gliding, parascending or hovercrafting. Please call us on 0345 040 7703.

The policy does not automatically cover non-Scout and Guides using climbing or abseiling equipment. Members of the public may use climbing or abseiling equipment if additional Campsite Liability insurance cover is purchased from Unity.

If your Scout Group provides training, advice or other services to people or groups outside Scouting, particularly if you charge a fee, you may not be covered under The Scout Association’s Public Liability policy and you need to take out Professional Indemnity insurance. (However, The Scout Association’s Public Liability Policy does cover Scout Leaders to train other people in Scouting.) Please contact Unity for details

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Indemnity Agreements

If a Scout Group is arranging to use for an event or activity, land, premises or any other facility belonging to another authority, organisation or individual, and is required to sign an agreement or indemnity, they must contact Unity (Scout Insurance Services). The acceptability of the agreement or indemnity terms, and the adequacy of the Association’s Public Liability Policy in relation to them, need to be confirmed by Unity before proceeding with the arrangements, or signing an agreement or indemnity.

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Getting a Public Liability Certificate

To get a copy of The Scout Associations Public Liability Certificate, please contact Unity (Scout Insurance Services):

Call us on: 0345 040 7703 or email scouts@unityins.co.uk

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Liability Support

For information on the Liability support provided by Unity and what to do should a claim be made against a member or Group, please click here.

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