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Trustee Indemnity Insurance

Broadly, a Trustee Indemnity Insurance policy is designed to cover Trustees in the event that they are held personally liable for the loss of charity assets or for making a decision which results in the charity sustaining a loss in financial terms.

It does not cover acts which the trustee knew (or should reasonably have known) would constitute a breach of trust, so deliberate malfeasance would not be covered.

Having considered the merits of such cover, The Scout Association elected to arrange a national policy to cover trustees of any Scout charity. That includes members of executive committees of Scout Districts, Counties and Groups, as well as those who manage other Scout assets such as building or campsite committees.

The premium is paid centrally by The Scout Association, and as such, they have set a limit of indemnity they see adequate for the membership, so no additional cover need be purchased by Scout Groups.

Who is covered?
Any person elected, co opted or appointed to act as a trustee to Scout assets (these will usually be the members of an Executive Committee).

What are they covered for?
Personal liability to make good a loss to the charity caused by their joint or several action.

What is not covered?
Criminal actions.

Acts which the trustee(s) knew (or should reasonably have known) could result in a breach of trust. Acts taken in reckless disregard of whether a breach of trust might
occur or not.

There is no need for your Scout Group to take out insurance for public liability or trustee indemnity insurance. You are already covered.

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