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Accident and incident reporting for personal injury on a Scout activity or any Scout property.
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Accident/Incident Reporting

Accident and incident reporting for personal injury, rescues involving the emergency services or deaths on a Scout activity or any Scout property.

If any person, whether a member of the Scout Movement or not,

  • suffers personal injury (where injury necessitates treatment by a doctor, dentist or at a hospital);
  • requires rescuing (where rescue involves an Emergency Service, i.e. Police, Fire, Ambulance, Mountain Rescue or Coastguard); or
  • dies

in the course of, or arising out of, a Scout activity or while on, or in conjunction with, any Scout property,The Scout Information Centre must be informed.

Notification of injuries can be given either by letter or telephone but must be given within seven days of the incident.

A Scout Group can write to or telephone the Scout Information Centre at Gilwell Park, but some Districts or Counties require the notification to be routed through them.

On receipt of the notification, the necessary instructions and forms will be issued. Notification of injuries is required whether or not there is to be a claim on the Personal Accident and Medical Expenses Policy. There is now an electronic version of the incident report form which has also been shortened to make it easier to complete.

The completed forms should be sent to Unity (Scout Insurance Service).

Further Information

In addition to the information here, see P.O.R. Chapter 7, Rule 7.4 Accident reporting.

There is an excellent fact sheet (FS 120079 Accident Reporting) available from The Scout Association's Info Centre at Gilwell Park on the subject of accident reporting. Other useful fact sheets cover a pre-event check list (FS 120080 Pre-event Checklist).


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