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The Insurance Act 2015:

What you need to do to comply with the Act

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The Insurance Act 2015

What do you need to do to comply with the Act?

You may only need to make small changes to your insurance buying process to comply with The Act. This does place more responsibility on your shoulders, but in return, the Act protects your organisation and ensures your cover is as effective as possible.

The Act can be easily applied provided you take certain measures, which you are probably already doing.  These include:

1. Identifying who is responsible and who is involved in arranging your insurance

  • Determine: 
    a) who counts as ‘senior management’
    b) those involved in buying insurance in your organisation and
    c) the sign-off requirements.  

    This is likely to include your Treasurer, Executive Committee or GSL.

  • Decide who needs to be involved in getting the information related to your insurance.  

    This may be people in your Group and third parties. For example if your equipment is stored in a church hall you may need to check with the church about their security.

2. Having a clear understanding, of the risks being insured and the cover that is required, identifying any special or unique risks

  • Research your risks so you have a comprehensive understanding of what data insurers may need.

    Please note: As The Scout Association provides cover for most liabilities and accidents for Members, you will not be expected to inform insurers of risks associated with everyday Scouting activities your Group does.  

  • Investigate whether there is anything special or unique about the risk your organisation faces that should be clearly indicated to insurers.  
    This could include security of your buildings, or where your equipment is stored and used, or travelling to areas of political instability.

3. Compiling and checking risk information

  • Ensure there is a process for gathering all the necessary information for your insurer.
  • Document the process to show that you undertook a reasonable search for information, recording any concerns or shortcomings.

4. Remembering to leave enough time 

  • for renewing your insurance 
  • for gathering the information for insurers.

How Unity (Scout Insurance Services) can help
With over 80 years’ experience at presenting charity risks to insurers, our expert account handers can help you gather and present the risk information in a compliant way.

For more information on purchasing insurance compliantly and successfully, contact Unity (Scout Insurance Services) on 0345 040 7703.

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