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Useful advice on what to do
if your Scout building is flooded.
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What to do if your Scout property is flooded

If you are unlucky enough find your Scout hut flooded, here are some useful tips on what you should do:

  • Take care. There may be dangers in the water such as sharp objects and raised manhole covers. Flood water may have caused structual damage to buildings.
  • Turn off the water, gas and electricity supplies, if it is safe to do so.
  • Do not touch any sources of electricity, if you are standing in flood water.
  • Gas and electricity supplies should be turned off until checked by a qualified professional.
  • If possible pump or clear out the remaining water.
  • You can get water out of your property using a pump and generator. Position the generator outside in the open air as generators produce carbon monoxide fumes which can kill.
  • Take up carpet flooring and put outside along with any damage or ruined equipment.
  • Remember flood water can often contain sewage, chemicals and animal waste. So take sensible hygiene precautions. Always wear waterproof outerwear, including gloves and wellington boots.
  • Seal toilets, so they are not used.
  • Put plugs in sinks and baths. Weigh them down with a pillowcase or plastic bag filled with soil.
  • If it is only minor flooding, and it is safe to use the electricity, take meter reading and install dehumidifiers.
  • Take photographs of the damage. This will help if you need to make an insurance claim.

  • Notify your insurer or insurance broker as soon as possible to enable a loss adjuster to attend. The loss adjuster will establish what in his or her opinion it should cost to repair the damage.

For further information, visit our "Be Prepared for Winter and Protect your Scout Property" page or contact Unity (Scout Insurance Services)
on 0845 0945 703.

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The Environment Agency

The Environment Agency website also has useful advice on what to do to reduce the risk of flooding and what to do if you are flooded, including:



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