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Useful advice on securing
your Scout HQ over the holidays.
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Secure your Scout HQ over the holidays

From our experience Scout buildings left unoccupied can be a target for vandalism over the holidays. However there are some straightforward steps you can take to reduce the risks.

At the end of your last meeting before the holidays

Don't forget to lock up

It may be obvious, but your equipment should be kept in locked cupboards, and make sure you lock the doors and windows, not only on your HQ but on any stores, garages and outbuildings too.

Don’t forget the fire exit doors. Major losses have occurred after entry to buildings via poorly protected Fire Exit Doors.

Only good quality locks or locking bars with close shackle padlocks should be fitted. Most of the cheaper locking bars and padlocks on the market have little or no security value. Good locks are more expensive but a few pounds wisely spent now on security could pay dividends later on.

Set the alarms

Remember to set the intruder alarms. Alarm systems are a cost effective option in improving security, and discounts on your insurance premium may be available.

Gas, electricity and water

Turning off the gas and electrics. But first check that if you have a burglar alarm or fire alarm, whether it needs mains power.

If the buildings are left unoccupied for more than a week, make sure the water is turned off at the mains or the meter.

Lock the Group's equipment away out of sight.

Whether you own the building or simply rent it for Scout meetings, all your equipment should be kept in locked cupboards or storage accommodation, when not in use. Don't leave it in view, which could be temptation for opportunist thieves.

Over the holidays

During the holidays, regular inspections and visits should be made to check on security as well as keeping the building and grounds maintained. This may be a condition of your insurance policy.

Other general security measures

If your Scout hut is raised on piles, wire mesh or simple expanded metal reinforcement should be fitted securely to prevent access and to reduce the possibility of fire being set underneath the floor.

Don’t forget your local police force can help

You should also ask your local Police to include your Scout buildings on their rounds.

Consult the Crime Prevention Officer for advice on general security – his or her advice will be particularly useful and is usually free.

Further Information

For other information, visit the Safe premises and campsites page on the Member resources part of The Scout Association web site or please contact Unity (Scout Insurance Services) on 0345 040 7703.

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