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Summer driving advice

Summer driving brings unique driving challenges: more vehicles on the road, more children playing outside, more tractors, cyclists and motorbikes. Journey times are longer and traffic jams more likely. The following information should prove useful in helping you stay safe on busy summer roads.

Vehicle maintenance

  • Check vehicle coolant levels and ensure that your air conditioning is effectively working
  • Keep washer bottles full and keep an additional bottle of screen wash in the vehicle
  • Check tyres for damage and tread depth as hot weather increases the risk of puncture and sudden summer showers can leave road surfaces flooded or slippery.

The Country Code

Increased activity on farms means there are more tractors on the roads.

  • Tractors can turn unexpectedly and do not need indicators for daytime driving
  • When overtaking, remember that the tractor may have a loader on the front
  • Mud on the road that has been left by a tractor can be extremely slippery after rain.

Warm weather fatigue

If feeling drowsy, we all know to get some fresh air, take a break and walk around and put the radio on. The following points make this advice more effective still:

Take a break of 20 minutes at least every two hours for longer journeys

Avoid eating a heavy meal before driving and chew some gum to stop yawning.

Avoid the glare

Glare from the sun can cause road accidents. Wearing the correct sunglasses can help.

  • Keep the sunglass lenses protected so they don’t get scratched
  • Don’t drive in sunglasses with deep arms because they obstruct your periphery vision
  • Class 4 sunglasses lenses are not suitable for driving use
  • If your vision needs to be corrected ensure that your sunglasses have prescription lenses
  • Avoid using high gloss vinyl cleaners on the dashboard.

Allergy time

Hay fever can cause a real distraction to drivers.

  • Use non-drowsy Antihistamines such as loratadine and cetirizine
  • Dehydration can make symptoms worse so keep a bottle of water in the vehicle
  • Wear sun glasses to keep pollen away from your eyes
  • Keep windows closed and use the air conditioning system to keep the vehicle cab cool
  • Regularly vacuum the vehicle cab to remove pollen and monitor pollen count levels.

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