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Are there gaps in your Scout Group's equipment cover?

Find out now, not when you make a claim.

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Avoiding gaps in Scout Group's equipment cover

Nobody wants to find out that their Group’s equipment isn’t adequately insured, when they come to make a claim.  By considering what equipment the Group owns, where it is stored and used, its replacement value and any changes, you can avoid potentially costly gaps in your cover.

When considering insurance for your Scout Group's equipment, we suggest you do the following:

  1. Make a list of all the items your Group owns, from large items such as minibuses and boats to small items such as tent pegs and cutlery.

  2. Identify those items that you hire out and to whom, such as other Scout Groups, Girlguiding Units or other organisations.

  3. Consider when and where the items will need to be insured.
    For items such as camping equipment you may need to consider covering it when it is in storage, being taken to and from camp, at camp and when being used at camp. If not, a claim may not be paid for loss or damage to equipment at camp.

  4. Items that may need specialist cover or notified to insurers.
    Some items that your Group owns may need specialist insurance policies, such as motor vehicles and minibuses, or boats and canoes. Some insurers or policies may require you to identify specialist or electrical equipment, such as TV’s, laptops, generators and lighting equipment, for them to be covered.

  5. Estimate the replacement value of the items.
    This should be the cost of replacing the items, not the amount you paid for them or if they were donated as a gift. Otherwise you may find that you are underinsured, and the claim will not pay out enough to replace them.

  6. Check the list and values against your current insurance schedule. 
    If you have bought new equipment or been donated kit, it will not be covered unless you let your insurer know that you want it covered.  Similarly, if you no longer own equipment, check that you are not still paying to insure it.

  7. Notify your insurance broker of any differences. 
    Don’t wait until you make a claim to find out your equipment wasn’t suitably insured.

Don’t forget those items you may hire in or borrow.  You need to check with the owner, if you need to insure the items, while you are responsible for them.  If you need to arrange insurance for them, you should consider short period equipment insurance.

How Unity can help:

At Unity (Scout Insurance Services) we offer a range of policies especially designed for Scouting to insure the things that you own or hire, these include:

For more information on our specialist insurance policies for Scouting, see our
"Additional cover you may need" page, or contact us on 0345 040 7703.

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