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Straightforward steps to reduce the risk of opportunistic thefts of your own and your Group's valuables.

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Securing valuables at camp

Over summer 2016, there have been a number of reported opportunistic thefts from Scout sites. A great camp experience can be ruined if your personal or Group’s property or valuables are stolen while enjoying your Scout adventure.

Here is some straightforward advice on reducing the risk of opportunistic thefts and securing valuable equipment while left unattended on site.

Start by identifying the risks.


  1. the high risk and value items;
  2. Possible security weaknesses at the site you are staying on; and
  3. Circumstances under which they might be stolen.

For example, are you next to a fence or driveway, open to members of the public, in a dark corner, in an area not covered by the sites CCTV?

Next look at ways of preventing opportunities for items to be stolen.

1. Reduce the risks even before you start packing for camp.

  • Before you even start packing for camp, ask yourself, if you really need to take expensive items or personal valuables.
  • When issuing the kit lists, point out that valuables such as phones or iPads may be best left at home.

2. Responsibility

  • While everybody has a responsibility, make someone (or a team) responsible for those items and making sure that when they aren’t in use they are either secured or out of sight.
  • Check on your site regularly or where possible leave someone to watch over it.

3. Secure items or lock them away

  • Secure items such as generators to an immoveable object like a lamppost, car tow bar, sign post, a corkscrew anchor with a suitable chain or cable
  • Use a site safe to secure high value/ risk items like tools.   
  • Lock high value items in the group minibus or leaders car when not in use.
  • Use wheel clamps on trailers

4. Don’t leave valuable on show

It may sound obvious, but don’t leave cash or valuable personal items visible inside tents

5. Take measures to help recover items should they be stolen

  • Security mark high value and risk items with DNA water or identity plates
  • Record serial numbers for identification if stolen


Check your insurance cover, not just your Scout Group’s policy, but also your own personal home insurance policy. Remember, most insurers won’t insure your items stolen, when out in the open or from a tent.

How Unity can help:

At Unity (Scout Insurance Services) we offer a range of policies especially designed for Scouting to insure the things that you own or hire, these include:

For more information on our specialist insurance policies for Scouting, see our
"Additional cover you may need" page, or contact us on 0345 040 7703.

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