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Your Scout Group does not need to take out extra insurance for public liability or trustee indemnity insurance.

You're already covered.

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Liability Insurance Explained

Dealing with the issue of liability cover can be daunting. Don't panic, Unity (Scout Insurance Services) has everything you need to know.

What is Liability Insurance?

Liability insurance protects the insured against the cost of compensation claims following fault of negligence brought against them by employees, volunteers, clients, customers, or members of the public. Liability insurance usually covers the cost of compensation to a third party for personal injury and loss of or damage to property.

Liability insurance and Scouting

Unity (Scout Insurance Services) provides the following liability cover to Scouting:

Either automatically provided by The Scout Association, which is extended to cover local Scouting:

There is no need for Scout Groups to take out insurance for public liability or trustee indemnity insurance. You're already covered under The Scout Association's policies.

Or for Groups, Districts or Counties to purchase, if needed:

If you want to talk to us feel free to give us a call, on 0345 040 7703.

Cover automatically provided by The Scout Association

Public Liability Insurance

Public Liability insurance covers the cost of compensation to third parties for injury, loss or damage to body or property caused by the negligence of your staff, volunteers or members. This may also be referred to as Legal Liability Insurance.

Find out more about the Public Liability Cover you have on our Public Liability page.

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Trustee Indemnity Insurance

Trustee Indemnity Insurance covers Trustees in the event that they are held personally liable for the loss of charity assets or for making a decision which results in the charity sustaining a loss in financial terms. It does not cover acts which the trustee knew (or should reasonably have known) would constitute a breach of trust, so deliberate malfeasance would not be covered.

Find out more about the Trustee Indemnity Cover you have on our Trustee Indemnity Insurance page.

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Liability Cover Scout Groups may need to purchase

Employers' Liability

Where a person is employed (such as a manager, caretaker, cleaner, warden etc) legislation requires adequate Employers' Liability Insurance to be arranged.

Further information from the Health and Safety Executive can be found at here, Employers’ Liability (Compulsory Insurance) Act 1969 - A brief guide for employers.

Find out more on our Employers' Liability page.

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Campsite Liability

This insurance is available to those Scout Districts, Counties, Campsites and Activity Centres who wish to permit non-Scouts and Guides to use climbing and abseiling facilities at their site.
Scout Groups are covered for non-Scouts and Guides taking part in climbing and abseiling under the Scout Association’s PL policy.

The policy will indemnify the operating Scout authority, its members, servants or agents for all sums which it/they become legally liable to pay for compensation and claimant costs and expenses in respect of and arising out of bodily injury to any non-Scout participating in climbing or abseiling activities using Scout owned/operated facilities, equipment, and/or instructors.

Find out more on our Campsite Liability page.

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Non-member Children Public Liability and Personal Accident Cover

This is a scheme for children (under 18 years old) who are not Members of The Scout Association, but who attend, or take part in, weekly meetings or events because they are accompanying their parent(s), or with other adults. This can also cover crêches opened by groups.

This cover is arranged through Scout Counties and Areas.

Find out more on our Non-Member Children Liability page.

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Professional Indemnity Cover

Professional Indemnity (PI) insurance provides protection against a claim made by another individual or organisation for an error, omission or alleged breach of professional duty resulting in a loss. Professional Indemnity insurance is also referred to as Professional Liability insurance.

Some Scout Groups may provide advice or training for people outside of Scouting and Girlguiding, for example: First Aid. This type of training would not fall under the Scout PL policy and a separate Professional Indemnity policy would need to be purchased by the group.

Please note, the Scout Public Liability Policy will cover Scout Leaders who provide training to other people in Scouting and Girlguiding.

Find out more on our Professional Indemnity page.

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Motor insurance

Under United Kingdom law, the driver of a motor vehicle must hold a suitable third party insurance (including indemnity to passengers). As this is a statutory requirement, The Scout Association does not provide any cover to individuals in respect of their liability as car drivers as this would be a pointless duplication of cover.

If you drive other motor vehicles, such as minibuses, karts and quad bikes, on public roads, the Road Traffic Act states that you must have motor insurance.

Find out more on our Minibus page and Other Motor Insurance page.

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Marine insurance

The Scout Associations’ Public Liability Policies extends to cover your liability for the use of hand or foot propelled craft, sailing craft, or other craft not exceeding 5 metres in overall length.

If your Scout Group owns boats or water craft, which are over 5 metres in length, you will need to consider additional insurance.

Find out more on our Marine insurance page

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Liability Support

What to do if you or your Scout Group receives a liability claim against you.

For information on the Liability support provided by Unity and what to do should a claim be made against a member or Group, please click here.

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