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How would your Scout Group cope,
if it suffered a major loss through no fault of its own?
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What is insurance?

Insurance is a financial product sold to safeguard individuals, organisations and / or their property against the risk of loss, damage or theft (such as flooding, burglary, accidents or liability claims).

When you buy an insurance policy you make payments, known as premiums, to the insurer or broker. If you make a valid claim your insurer will pay out for the loss that is covered under the policy.

Why do Scout Groups need insurance?

There are several reasons why your Scout Group needs to consider its own insurance cover, such as:

Risk Assessment only goes so far.

If we carry out thorough and regular risk assessments and take action to minimise risks, why should there be a need for insurance cover at all?
Insurance is no substitute for risk management.  However in many cases risk management can only minimise the risk of an accident, loss or damage, not eliminate it completely.  There are some things that are outside the control of a Scout Group.

Insurance can mitigate those risks you cannot completely control or remove.

The Scout Association’s insurance policies do not cover everything.

Whilst The Scout Association provides cover for Personal Accident and Medical Expenses for Members, Public Liability (including property owners' and product liability) and Trustees Indemnity, there are still some things Groups need to insure themselves.

Your Group’s own buildings, equipment and money, as well as travel and motor vehicles are not covered under these policies. You will have to arrange your own insurance for these risks.

How would your Scout Group cope, if it suffered a major loss through no fault of its own?

A lot of time and effort goes into fund raising to buy the buildings and equipment your Group owns.  If they were lost, damaged or stolen, you would pay for their replacements.  For losses such as your Scout building or all your camping equipment being destroyed, you may not have readily available funds to replace them.

Insurance can safeguard you and your property against the risk of loss, damage or theft.

Unity (Scout Insurance Services) offers a range of insurance products designed specifically for Scouting to protect your Scout Group’s, District’s or County’s:  

  • Physical assets, such as buildings, equipment, minibuses;
  • Income, money and finances;
  • Events, such as overseas travel, UK travel and camps, jamborees, gang shows, fetes and family days; and
  • People, such as staff, volunteers, helpers, committee members and instructors.

Click here for details of our range of insurance cover, or call us on 0345 040 7703.

Some types of insurance cover are required by law.

Motor insurance and employers’ liability are a legal requirement. 

  • If your Group owns any motor vehicles, such as a minibus, which is driven on public roads, you must have motor insurance. 
  • If your Group employs anybody, you must have Employers’ Liability Insurance for people you employ.

We offer minibus insurance, kart, quad bike and miscellaneous motor insurance and employers' liability cover, to help you meet your legal requirements.

Suitable insurance is a POR requirement.

Policy, Organisation and Rules (POR) Chapter 8 covers insurance. It state that every Scout Group must maintain adequate insurance cover, to be reviewed annually.

Further information and advice

Whatever your insurance needs, Unity (Scout Insurance Services) can provide unique, innovative and cost effective insurance solutions to protect what is important to you.

For more information, please click on the "What you need to cover..." link above
or call us on 0345 040 7703.

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